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 The winter rebuild 2014/2015

Ok, two things happened towards the end of the 2014 season that lead to some significant work being done on the car.

Suspension observations

  1. During the last couple of events (especially at the Bovington event) it became increasingly apparent that the suspension on the car needed some attention;
        It would bottom out heavily, or
        It would catapult the back end into the air, sometimes with terrifying results.
    The suspension that was on the car was very good and had done very good service. I have no real complaints with it, as most of the time it has been very capable on the cat1 and more level "tracks", however, on really fast rough or undulating surfaces the lack of travel was becoming evident.

Click "here" to see how we went about installing the new suspension.!

The demise of the Engine

  1. During the final event of the year at Walters Arena the car suffered what turned into a series of terminal failures.
        The transfer box kept jumping out of High box until finally it would only run in Low box. We decided that we would keep going and do the last lap of the day in Low box and then look more closely at the problem. Well the lap started very well the car being impressively responsive on the early technical stuff, however, when we reached the long straits things started to go amiss. I was already aware that the engine was showing all the warning signs of being "A bit tired"!
    So as we are proceeding along the straights in low box with the engine running on the rev limiter the engine started to feel tight and the power dropped. On the second long straight it was to all come to an end...


 BANG! Tinkle tinkle & a cloud of blue smoke.
We immediately new something had given up, and we just coasted to the next marshal point.

And that as they say was the end of our season;
Here are a few pictures of what happened;

Once the engine was lifted out this is what we saw on the outside 

That almost shiny bit is he Dipstick tube!
An almost perfect "I" shaped hole?

        This is what we found once the engine was stripped,
It's probably not going to run again!  

The "I" shaped hole from the inside.

The reasons for the holes becomes very obvious.
Various signs of "wear"
As I said, the engine had been "noisy" for some time, now we know why.

Click "here" to see how we went about rebuilding a new engine!

After all the work was done finally somewhere in a secret testing location in the South West.


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