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Insanity 1
What Had I bought?

This was the first car nicknamed "Insanity", purchased to see if Cross Country motor sport was for me?
When I bought the car it it was described as being ready to race only requiring some small items of work
I.E. missing steering column and no seats.

The reality turned out to be very different!

Here are some images of the work I had to do to prepare the car after I first bought it, and started to look under the "Skin".

I had to totally strip the front of the vehicle, to create access to the damaged panels and to replace the inner wings etc.

Here you can see how one of the front body mounts has broken away entirely.

You can just make out one of the cracks in the top edge of the chassis rail around the ROPS outrigger.

The other side of the chassis rail, with some old "Spit" at the top of the crack.

This is how I went about repairing the chassis


The only realistic way to reach the chassis and apply the necessary fixes & Patches was to cut out the old damaged foot well and patch the chassis.

The new foot well fabricated and welded in. This is actually a lot more difficult that it first looks as the floor panel has a three dimensional shape requiring both bending and "beating" to create the correct form.

           One of the home made body mountings can be seen in place made up of a section of 4" square section tube.

The one thing I would change if I did this again would be to se a slightly thinner gauge material (not the 1.5mm used)

The Final job was to build up new inner wings and the supporting framework,
The replacement inner wing panels where sourced from YRM metal solutions. these where supplied in a kit form that was relatively simple to assemble, providing that you take the time to align it all properly.
I chose to rivet the panels together for simplicity.
The box section to the top edge provided extra rigidity and a way of assembling and fixing the entire front end using only a few bolt and rivets.

Some of the detail of how the inner wing is attached to the bulkhead.

The original slam panel etc. is very bulky and heavy so I made up my own version.

The front end all rebuilt with new inner wings and the mountings for the radiator and gear box oil cooler made up.

There was also a lot of work do do inside the car; Rewiring, refitting the dash and instruments etc. (I also took this opportunity to remove a lot of the unnecessary wires etc.)

The "finished" car

Not the prettiest car but at least I had the confidence that my repairs would hold out.~

After a few events I also realized that the rear floor & Cross member was also collapsing, so off with the back of the car to make up and replace the cross member with some 100 x 50 3MM box section.