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 Insanity 1, 2012

A few Pictures of the car in  its 2012 livery. Loved by some hated by most.

Some Photos of the car at Forest Lodge where we had a great weekend.

As has been said in other pages of this site Insanity1 ended its life some what ignominiously! When on the second run of the day at Radnor descending the last off road section, some thing upset the back end, kicking the back of the car up and out of the ruts, with the car now cross rutted and still carrying a LOT of momentum the inevitable happened......we had a bit of a "roll"

From the outside things don't look to bad.

However when the roll cage is examined from within the car the extent of the damage starts to become clear.
The front nearside corner has been "pushed" across by a couple of Inches.

It is also possible to see a kink in the section, where the fittings for the standard discovery roof bars have impinged on the tube.