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Insanity Too
Walters Arena 2015

Walters Arena in south wales was the final BCCC event for 2015. We where to suffer a recurring electrical fault on one of the fuel pumps and several "punctures" actually finishing the first run on Sunday with both front tires flat and destroyed

First small jump towards the end of the start straight


Taking the main jump in the "arena complex". Were actually taking this quite gently.

Taking on the cross ruts around the windmills, I might have gone into this ne with a bit too much enthusiasm!

Little bit of a slide as we come onto one of the rare bits of Cat1

We came away as the runner up  in the Trophy event. This was a major surprise as I was happy just to finish this event. it was tough, Hard on the car in places and no traction for most of the lap.

Photos By Songasport.