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Insanity Too
Bovington North 2016


So, round 2: Bovington (North).

Having replaced the gearbox (with a replacement of unknown condition) we arrived not even sure it would make the parade lap. A couple of other changes have been made like a disk hand brake.
Firstly, the course was excellent, featuring zero Cat 1, but a lot of packed flinty gravel and a lot of sand. Quite a lot of sand! It was about as close to a desert race as we're going to get. The track flowed with plenty of safe opportunities to "make air", and some less safe opportunities for air. The centre of the road was safe, but the edges were littered with hinklesteins, weapons grade steel posts and trees. It was ready to bite the unwary; contempt would be punished.

It suited the car and the driver and as a result, lap times were more competitive than we have been used to, does this set a new standard and expectation?.
During the event and mostly on the Sunday we punctured (or deflated) 8 tyres and we only carry four spares to an average event. Many were simply forced off the rim by a combination of enthusiastic cornering and the deep soft flinty sand.
We also seem to be damaging a lot of rims, so one of the next jobs will be to see if we can soften the front suspension a bit without compromising the travel.
Thanks have to go to Chris Ratter and his crew who were kind enough to break the beads on three of our tyres so we could clean and reseat them.
We completed every race run (with varying quantities of flat tyres) except the final one, where an errant LT wire decided it had somewhere better than being attached to the coil. We coasted to a halt amidst much confusion and some very colorful linguistics. For a brief moment it was more 'Profanity Racing' than 'Insanity Racing'. We'd also punctured a front tyre as well, so once we'd lost several minutes sorting the errant wire, with the assistance of a friendly marshal we took the brave decision to exit the course early and return to service safely, and not risk throwing the car into a ditch or one of the hinkelsteins.

The event wasn't entirely without incident though (we had no significant mishaps, save them described above), and when the incidents did occur they where dealt with the utmost expediency, and ultimately no one was hurt, and that's truly the only metric that matters. It's also why these events can only run with the help of a complete rescue and recovery team on site and of course the marshals, we won't race without 'em. It's good to know they're all there.
So, big thanks to event staffing and management for making this sport possible. Big thanks to the fellow competitors as well, for keeping the service park and stacking lanes in good humor (most of the time!).

In the end the last-run  we had to take a maximum, ending the chance of the second place we had up to that point. 3rd in class however was a good reward.

Still going well even with a puncture on the rear

Photos By Songasport.