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Insanity Too
Bovington South 2016


 OK. Round Five, Bovington South.

This was to be an eventful weekend that did not treat us too well.

After a relatively dry week the heavens opened on the Friday night, with the rain continuing for most of the Saturday, So the course was Very very wet and "quite challenging" This on top of a course that is always "interesting" in the dry weather.

Unfortunately we suffered a roll early on Saturday (run 2) that knocked the drivers confidence, however, with help from other teams around the service area we where able to get the car out again and continued for the rest of Saturday,  completing most of a run with a flat front tire later in the event.
The other main issue we encountered was the wet sand that makes up most of Bovington south is like grinding paste during the weekend we (and many others) managed to wear out four set of break pads and damaged the rear brake disks.

It was none of the above that finally knocked us out of the weekend.
Just as we crossed the finish line on  second of the Sunday runs the engine cut out and would not restart. We where unable to get the car to restart at all for the rest of the week end and therefore had to drop out.

Photos By Songasport.