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Insanity Too
 Ceri (Mid Wales) 2016


After the considerable number of punctures during the pervious event we have changed tactics with the tyres and for this event we fitted something a lot stronger and used inner tubes as well. The down side of the change is that the new tyres are considerably heavier.
The route for this event was very challenging with long rough off road sections and some slippery farst straights.
for various reasons my times where a little disappointing and it was late in the event that I learnt that if I forced the gearbox down into 1st gear (it's an auto) and revved the nuts of the engine we could climb one of the steep off road assents a lot quicker.
Also as the weekend progressed I made some adjustments to the engine tuneing that helped on the corners etc.
On the Sunday we burst a power steering bypass pipe, this is apparently a common failure. After searching around every service crew, the guys from Baylis motorsport came up trumps with an aftermarket braided bypass pipe that worked a treat ( I have ordered one for myself now). Shortly afterward the Team in car 105 announced that they had blown the same pipe and used all the spares they had.

Anyhow having said all the above it was a fantastic weekend and a spectacular venue, , the route was exciting and sometimes challenging, .much fun was had by Insanity racing and we would like to congratulate the organizers and marshals.

Photos above by Songasport.

As a result of the way the car felt on the off road sections I have decided to change the springs yet again (this is the third set of springs on the rear this year and about the sixth set since we first built the car, using softer and softer springs all the time. I hope this set works as there is nothing standard any softer!