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Insanity Too
Pikes Peak 2016


Pikes peak the first round for the 2016 season. Every thing starts with a very cold bright sunlit morning, Well at 07:00 anyway. By the time the driver briefing started it was snowing!

Day one Saturday the target was to complete Nine runs, however by the end of the day this was reduced to seven.
We completed our seven runs by about 14:00 without any serious mishaps, that's not to say I did not make some silly mistakes as I got the feel of the car after the small changes made over the winter. The Tweaks to the rear suspension paid dividends with the car riding the rough tracks really nicely. the new rear 110 rear brake calipers are working well but needed a little tweaking in terms of getting the balance correct, and the steering quickener did make overall control of the car better but the latter took the longest to get used to as it makes the steering very heavy at low speeds.

Day two was going very well with a target of six runs. runs one and two went well, however I was starting to worry about the fuel levels? we then did a couple of runs back to back as my confidence improved, however run four was to prove a bit more eventful. As we left the start line the car took of and then seamed to drop into neutral, I was able to recover the drive and continued doing really well until just short of the top of the last really long rough "off road" section when the car dropped into neutral again. once again we regained drive and continued. it was only as we got back to services I realized that the gearbox had "Given up" that was to be the end of our weekend.
What turned out to be really disappointing was that we ended up approximately four seconds off gaining third place in the trophy (one more run would have done it!).

Photos By Songasport.

Yes it really was snowing

Photos By Lawrence Fowler