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Insanity Too
Walters Arena 2016


Round Six Walters Arena.

For the final round of the year we're back at Walters Arena. This site is always exciting and challenging often with bad weather to dampen the sprits. This year, however, the weather although cold, treated us very well with clear blue skies for most of the weekend.

 As the result of a rather nasty cycling accident our normal navigator was incapacitated with a very badly broken wrist,therfore we had a pair off novice navigators in the passenger seat one on each day.

Overall the weekend went well with our biggest issue being another fuel pump failure on round three, We believe due to contaminated fuel. With this fixed we where able to start putting in some better times and having a lot more fun doing so. We also spent most of the weekend without the power steering, probably as the result of our little spill on the previous event.

The only other incident was on a tight left hand bend where the back end went a little light and the front nearside wheel just clipped a ditch. Unfortunately this was sufficient to "suck" us in and the ditch turned out to be much deeper than it looked and we required a tug from Rabbit recovery (thank you). We where able to drive the car back to service with no issues topped up the fuel tank and completed the rest of the runs with no further issues.

Oh, Some time on the Sunday the car hit a large stone resulting in an explosive decompression of a rear tire, we continued the rest of the lap a little more cautiously but without losing too much time.

"All in All" a very good weekend.

Thank you to all the organizers, marshals recovery crews and other people that these events cannot run without.

Going over the "Arena" Jump on run 1

Photos By Songasport.

This bits Very like a roller coaster.

Photo by Ashley Middleton