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Insanity Too
Pikes Peak, Wales 2017


Round One Pikes Peak.

For the first round of 2017 we're back at Pikes Peak (possibly for the last time?). After all the changes over the winter it was with extreme nervousness and trepidation the car was unloaded and taken up the hill for scrutineering, the furthest the car had driven to this point was about 20 feet on the trailer. So getting through scrutineering and signing on was a major triumph in it's self.

Waiting on the start line was also very interesting, as we are seeded first in the Trophy class leading out some potentially quicker cars (UTV's mainly), and I had never driven the manual configuration in racing conditions.     Well................

I absolutely B****Y loved it. The car is tighter, more responsive and better balanced.  The only limitation now, is very defiantly the ability of the driver. As the weekend progressed and I started to learn how the car handled and responded, the times felt quicker and the course stated to flow.

We ended the weekend with no major upsets and the car needing no serous repairs, the only issue was we changed the PAS pump possibly an outstanding failure from last year, and a couple of small niggles with the wireing.

Thank you to all the organizers, Set up crews, marshals recovery crews and other people that these events cannot run without.

Photos By Songasport.