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Forest Lodge, Scotland 2017


Round Three Forest Lodge, Scotland.

Always a long drive to get to this venue, but worth it. Forest lodge is a fantastic venue with some of the best scenery and very fast racing.

This was to be another challenging event with many mechanical failures adding to the fun. The majority of Saturdays runs where quite good, however my lack of confidence with the car on the high speeds hampers our overall times.

The rear shock absorbers have been serviced re-valved and rebuilt, making the back end a lot firmer.

Early in the day we take a cut on the third  high speed corner around the back of the hill in the first mile or so of the stage, for some reason we are "sucked into" the gully. We run along this gully for some considerable distance before a lucky escape "popping" out of the gully just feet before a culvert!

Later in the day we suffer a brake failure early in the lap meaning tat we had to take it cautiously. Later back in the service area we found that we had torn out a brake pipe in on of the quarry sections. With the loan of a pipe flaring kit we where soon back out to complete the day.

Sunday was no less eventful, braking another brake pipe, Losing Com's for two laps and on the penultimate run of the weekend we "Drop" the Panhard rod from the front axel.
One adjustment through the day pays off making the car a little less twitchy on the long fast tracks of Forest lodge, at Radnor I adjusted the tracking as the front tyres where scrubbing out badly on one edge, however I must have overdone it slightly as readjusting the tracking a little did help. We also suspect the loss of the "number board on the back of the car is having an impact on the aerodynamics, something I had never even considered when we fitted them building the car.

Thank you to all the organizers, Set up crews, marshals recovery crews and other people that these events cannot run without.


Photos By Songasport.