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Insanity Too
Ceri, Wales 2017


Round Four Ceri, Wales.

This was to be a very slow weekend with a lot of stoppages for many different reasons, however this is a venue I enjoy.
The route has a little bit of every thing, rough muddy off road sections, Fast gravel track and chicanes.

The front shock absorbers have been serviced re-valved and rebuilt as well as the front now. AS the weekend progressed this has defiantly made the car ride the rough a lot better, although it is now a little twitchy on the fast sections.

The week end starts (or not) with a little drama as the car will not start, even to get it off the trailer. After some considerable investigation we found the ignition amplifier had packed up between loading the car onto the trailer and arriving at the event.

Day one targeted eight runs, but after all the stoppages all that was achieved was five runs, a little disappointing as it meant I could not get any kind of rhythm and feel for the event.

Day two targeted six runs and again with stoppages it was well into the afternoon before the event finished.

I really did enjoy this event, improving (albeit very slightly) over the weekend, even during a slightly wet run with the surfaces getting more greasy and sliding the car around many corners, this was not my quickest run time ever, but it was fun.

Thank you to all the organizers, Set up crews, marshals recovery crews and other people that these events cannot run without.

Photos By Songasport.