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Bovington tank Training grounds 2017


Round five Bovington Tank Training grounds.

This is a weekend that did not treat us very well  at all!

Things started in the normal way, however there had been a significant amount of rain during the night (and as it turned out throughout the Saturday). The ground was very wet with extensive large puddles, actually they where more like lakes. after the drive round we made a decision to move the engine air intake away from the front of the car. this turned out to be a very bad decision.

As we finished the first lap of the weekend going through another vey large piece of water on the finish line the car ingested a lot of water, never good. The car stopped and we required a toe back into services.

As expected when we removed the plugs and turned over the engine it spit out a lot of water. after a bit of tinkering we got the engine running again and stared driving it around the service area, it did not feel right and eventually stopped again. On investigation we found the disy.. has now collected water (condensing on the cap from the hot wet engine. we got the car running again, however this time we noticed significant blue smoke from the exhaust so unfortunately after one run we decided it was safer to quit for the weekend and put the car back on the trailer.

We spent Sunday marshaling at the end of a long undulating "strait" watching some very exiting action, and wishing we where still in the event.

Thank you to all the organizers, Set up crews, marshals recovery crews and other people that these events cannot run without.

This is the "puddle" that did the damage, however this was the slow drive around!!

And this was some of the damage to the engine.
A bent Con-rod and stripped threads in the block (head studs)

Photos By Songasport.