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 Walters arena, South Wales 2017


Round Six Walters Arena, South Wales.

This weekend Will probably be best remembered for the weather as storm Brian made itself felt, with strong winds and driving rain

After we found that we had totally destroyed the engine at Bovington with about 10 days to go before the final round of the year. There was a bit of a panic to find a replacement running engine. We did (after much searching) find one and got this fitted on the last weekend before the event. So we turned up to Walters with an untested and untried engine.

The organizers decided that there would only be Six runs on the Saturday to minimize the risk to the marshals having to stay out too long in the very bad weather. I totally agree with this decision the weather was foul. Sitting queuing up to start the wind (and rain) came straight up the valley and into the car, we where wiping as much rain of the inside of the windscreen as the wipers shifted on the outside!

The course set out was really good and very challenging. we had a couple of good runs learning that if we went faster the suspension worked better? Unfortunately on the last couple of runs of the day we started loosing power. The cause initially a wet distributor again, however over night we also cleaned the MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor).

Sunday arrived and the weather is s little kinder, if colder. There was to be five runs today meaning that we only need to complete three to maintain our provisional second place overall in the trophy class.
Run one we still had power issues, we swapped the MAF for a spare (I should have done this sooner). runs two and three where great the car behaved and we felt we where putting in some better times with the new front diff fitted before Bovington really starting to work.
Unfortunately a puncture on the final run meant we decided to quite and take a max, not wanting to do unnecessary damage to the car for no good reason.

Thank you to all the organizers, Set up crews, marshals recovery crews and other people that these events cannot run without.

Note the weather and have sympathy for the photograper!


Visibility, What visibility, It felt like most of the runs where driven like this!

Photos By Songasport.