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Welcome to the Insanity Racing Web Pages.

The name "Insanity Racing" is not referring to the nature of motor sport or anyone involved, it came about because of how I felt when I first purchased a car to get involved in Cross Country racing.

This website is about how we started racing in the BCCC  and subsequently building a car from the ground up to continue in the BCCC and all the subsequent modifications. 

As you read these pages you will also be able to see the new car (Insanity Too) that we built and are now racing after the original car came to an untimely end.

How have we done and is is all worth it?

Well hopefully you can find the answers in these pages and make your own decisions, however, whatever you decide, I have had a lot of fun building the cars and competing!

The cross country race events have some of the friendliest and most helpful people you could ever hope to meet, lending help, parts and advice as needed to keep a competitor running.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers that give there time to set up, run and marshal on theses events without these people I would be unable to race.

If anyone has any photos that they are willing to contribute please feel free to contact us;
see the contacts page and send an email.
or you can have a look at the team Facebook page for current updates.

Insanity Racing on Facebook

  • Latest updates;

  • Addition of the second set of big changes during the winter 2016/7

    • More Photos, Now showing the full 2017 season